China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic + Nail Art


Today's polish is another one of my picks from the China Glaze Electropop Collection. This is Fuchsia Fanatic. I can honestly say I don't have a berry pink like this in my collection! haha You can get good coverage in 2 coats, but for no VNL, you will want 3.

I recently got my hands on Color Club Fame and Fortune from the Backstage Pass collection. It was my only must have of the group. Fuchsia Fanatic is the perfect underwear for this polish! Although you lose some of Fame and Fortune's jelly effect, it still helps cut down on unnecessary coats of glitter that can be a pain to remove. So I used that as an accent nail, while the rest of my nails have the stars from the old set of Bundle Monster plates stamped with Color Club Foil Me Once. It ended up very subtle in person though.

I also wanted to mention that we added a new category of iridescent flakies to You Mix Cosmetics this morning! They are available in a 3 gram size, or you can get 1 ounce. You can check them out *here*.
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  1. i absolutely loveeee this color! very cute design too :)

  2. Ooooh, such a pretty color! Seems kinda generic, tho. Like the basic hot pink. I'm still very excited about the collection but I don't think I'll be buying this color. Thanks for sharing (:

  3. Very pretty! I love love love the accent nail!

  4. I'm not a pink person, but this color really speaks to me. like the subtlety in your nail art.


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