Misa Touch the Rainbow + Fingerpaints Flecked

Hey guys! It's Monday again...blah. haha I started it off good by working out...hopefully the trend continues for the rest of the week! :)

Today's polish is a first for me. This is my first Misa polish! This is Touch the Rainbow from the Spring 2011 collection called Wishes, I believe. I LOVE the name of this polish! I happened to come across swatches and knew I needed this! Touch the Rainbow is a super pale sky blue with gorgeous shimmer. I didn't capture that very well here though. :( This polish looks like a greyed out white from a distance. Below is 3 coats.

I chose Fingerpaints Flecked to layer on top. Although you can't see the true color shift of the flakies, they add an amazing shimmer and sparkle that really compliments the polish.

So I was going to add stamping on top, but in between painting the flakies on and that, I went to cook dinner. Which was a stupid idea because I got tons of dents in the mani and I had to take it off. :( Oh well though, I put on another untried polish...which I have a lot of...so that was a good thing right? haha
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  1. That Misa is very pretty, and the flakies on top look great!

  2. how cute! I have a polish like this right now onmy nails... but it is a little more baby blue and less pearly. It's Eyeko rain polish

  3. Ooooo I don't think I've ever done the flakies over such a neutral/quiet tone, this is absolutely lovely!

  4. This color is amazing and adding flakes on top is a great idea because they are not very visible but still look a little different


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