China Glaze Make Some Noise + Gradient

Hi polish lovers!

Tonight I am posting the first of my picks from China Glaze's new spring collection, Electropop. This is Make Some Noise, a nice melon/coral shade. Below is 2 coats and the finish is a cross between a creme and jelly. I love coral shades a lot...I'm currently eyeing the new Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear coral I have seen at Walgreens..can't remember it's name though. :(

Next, I layered OPI Servin' Up Sparkle on top. I haven't seen any comparisons, but this seems really similar to Electropop. The larger glitters were a little harder to place, which was kind of annoying.

After that, I layered one coat of OPI Guy Meets Galveston on top, and it looked good for about 30 minutes, but the glitter ate through GMG eventually...which was weird. So it pretty much went back to looking like I hadn't done anything at all. :P

And finally, I sponged Wet n Wild Silvivor in a gradient starting from the tips.

This whole mani was quite the layering experiment, but I think it sort of came together in the end! Pin It
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  1. What a gorgeous color! And the last photo remembered me on a snow, I really wish snow here in Slo ;)

  2. Great colour! :D

  3. I love this! I am super into coral's & mint's right now & I'm kinda bummed I passed up on this color... I'm now going to order it!

  4. I love this. It's such a gorgeous colour & I love the layering :]

  5. I have bought the techno shade - not here yet but coming. I hear it's ID to the original techno formula. The rest of the shades - well I need to get to Sally's and just see. I might not get any of them. I think I have dupes for most of them


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