Jordana Glitters Specialty Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Hi ladies! I hope you all are comfy because this post is LONG! But hopefully in a good way...there is lots of glitter involved. :) I recently received the new Jordana Glitter Specialty Polish collection to review. Jordana really outdid themselves in terms of variety and selection...there are 18 polishes in the line, and 12 of those will be available in February at Kmart, with 6 more coming soon! That's a HUGE glitter collection!

So here are some quick bottle shots...I am so in love with the shiny lettering. Not that I needed cute packaging to suck me in to wanting these. ;)

Ready for swatches? 

First up is Blue Bash. Below is 3 coats. This is made up of medium and small royal blue glitters in a clear base. 

This is Celebration, a lavenderwith 2 small sizes of glitter. It's full coverage in only 2 coats, and also my current pedi!

This is Pixie Pink, a rose pink glitter. Below is one coat over Zoya Areej. I don't think this one would get full coverage very well.

This one is called Celestial. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I have a soft spot for these shades. This one is 2 coats.

Next is Green Glitz. I think this one would have been better off with some underwear, but I still like it. This is small grass green glitter in a slightly tinted green base.

This is LA City Nights. This was a surprise favorite of mine! This is royal blue and purple glitter in a clear base. Here, it is layered over Kleancolor Pastel Blue.

This is Lunar Lights. To me this seems like a combo of China Glaze Snowglobe and Hard Candy Breakup. Here it is layered over CND Asphalt, but I don't think it does the iridescent glitters justice!

This is My Superstar. I wish I would have used 2 coats here, but hopefully you get the idea. This has gold, red, and blue glitters in a clear base. Here it is layered over CND Gold Chrome.

This is Rhinestones. This is one coat, but I bet it could work up to full opacity pretty easily since the base seems to be tinted. This was another surprise favorite.

Here is Sequins. This would have looked a little better with 2 coats, below is one. This is medium berry glitter with some blue and silver also. Here it is layered over Color Club Pucci-licious.

Next is Cosmic, another favorite of mine (and I bet you can guess why)! I layered this over NYX Soft Teal. This polish has meduim green, blue and silver glitters, as well as some small blue. This is 2 coats.

This is Fairy Dust. This is 3 coats. It's a pale pink/lilac with holo glitters. Very pretty and still understated for a glitter.

Next is Gold Glam. This one coat is layered over Color Club Antiquated. It's fine gold glitter in a clear base with holo diamond glitter. I like this one because I don't have anything like it, but the diamond glitter is a little hard to place.

This is Funky Gold Town. Medium gold glitters in a clear base. I like this one also...here it it with 1 coat layered over Zoya Pippa.

We have seen a lot of versions of rainbow glitter recently, and this one is no different. It's called Gemstones and this is one coat layered over China Glaze Poinsettia.

This is Bronze Fest. One coat layered over CND Gold Chrome...another one that I think needed 2 to look it's best.

Next is Copper Blaze layered over Color Club Chelsea Girl. This is 2 coats.

And finally (!) this is Magenta Magic layered over Zoya Ali. This is one coat.

Kudos to you that have made it this far! For more info, here is the press release for these glitters. The ones with dots are coming soon, and the ones available at Kmart in February are: Magenta Magic, Celebration, Fairy Dust, Sequins, Gemstones, Cosmic, Celestial, LA City Nights, Blue Bash, Copper Blaze, Funky Gold Town, and Rhinestones.

Overall these glitters are super fun, and a great addition to my collection. Although some needed a little thinner, that wouldn't stop me from purchasing them again.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these! Any favorites?

*These were sent to me for review.
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  1. Wow, they look nice.. I've always been skeptical about trying out these polishes because they look so cheap. I mean, for the price, you wouldn't think they look so nice. So maybe, I'll give one a try next time I'm at the store :)

    Great post. I finished all of it, haha. Started following too! <3


  2. OMG they are so pretty! I like My superstar and Lunar lights best. THANK YOU!

  3. Uh oh, now I think I need Lunar Lights, My Superstar, and Cosmic! Thank you for the swatches :)

  4. That would be a lot of glitter! Haha, I don't have a KMART and I have never really cared but I kind of do now!

  5. such great swatches and glitters! i see a few that i just might NEED! =]

  6. I have yet to try a Jordana polish, but I wouldn't mind owning a bottle or two! Cosmic looks lovely!

  7. Fairy dust looks like Teenage dream by Opi!

  8. Those glitters are gorgeous *drooling*

  9. these. are. lovely! not that they don't stand on their own, but I am also quite excited at the franken possibilities I am already thinking of! ;)

  10. I saw a few of these at Kmart yesterday, and they are really sparkly in person. I didn't buy any despite the low price because they all seem very similar to glitter polishes I already own. For instance, "My Superstar" could easily be recreated with a layer of Essie's "Ruby Slippers" or a dupe and then a layer of Wet n Wild's "Party of Five Glitters." Oh, well.

  11. Wow! So pretty all lined up with the bottle shots and then the swatches - thanks. I JUST heard about this brand yesterday for the first time - a K-Mart only brand. I don't have a K-Mart but for one 30 miles from me. Hardly ever go in it...but next time I am driving by there will make a point to stop and look for this line. K-Mart is the only place I can find thin bathroom rugs/potty seat cover etc. I have carpet in my bathroom and it's light in color, so I need little rugs that are thin enough to get the door over. That seems to be the only time I end up at K-Mart is when I need a new rug set - which is about 2 X per year - they don't last - but they sure save the carpet below to have 'em!

  12. several of the glitters look just like the la girl's glitter addict polishes.

  13. LOVE.

    What's weird is that back in the 90's...probably in 1995 I think, Jordana sold that same green glitter. Or at least *A* kelly green glitter. I bought it at a discount store in the 8th grade (I'm old :P) and I've been wondering ever since then what the hell happened to that awesome green glitter polish that they used to sell!

    The Kmart near me is a travesty but it looks like I'm gonna have to go get that polish now!

  14. O.O WOW!!! Glitter polishes are my favorite so I am loving these! I'm so happy to see a diamond shaped glitter in the mix, they are so rare. Definitely hope to be able to pick some of these up! :) Awesome swatches and review!


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