My First Half Moon Mani

Happy Friday! Even though it's been a 4 day week, the weekend can never come soon enough! 

My manicure today is a bit of a fail, but I like the idea of it...had I used different polishes I think it would have come out a lot nicer. For the base, I chose Revlon Aloof, from the Edgy Elegance collection. I really like that Revlon is coming out with colors that I like recently, but their formula almost always bubbles up on me. You can probably tell in my pics. Even when I layered NOPI My Lifesaver on top the bubbles came through making it look terrible!

I used round stickers to make the half moon, but probably should have moved them down a little further.

Thinking another coat of polish would maybe fix the bubbles, I added Revlon Whimsical on top. I think I should have just given up at this point. haha Whimsical is another one I wanted to love but the glitter is SO sparse. I ended up doing about 2 coats of this before bed, and by the time I woke up it was a wrinkled, bubbled mess! Do any of you know if Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air is more dense in glitter with one coat?

So that's my nail fail for ya today! ;) What are your experiences with Revlon polishes?
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  1. well to be your first half moon, it didn't came out really bad!! Also my first halfmoon mani looked really similar to yours ;)

  2. I still have yet to do a half moon mani !! i do like how they look.. maybe ill do it next wk.. thanks for inspiring next wks nail design !

  3. Whimsical bubbles like crazy on me.. I want to love it so much but I can't. Sigh.

  4. cute combo!
    I've never experienced bubbles with Revlon polishes.

  5. i like the colors together:] i've never had a revlon bubble on me
    & I've read Glitter in the Air is actually less dense than this

    1. I think I heard the same thing - though only have read of a few that even got their hands on Revlon Whimsical who also have GITA. I really love the way GITA goes on - esp since it's a topper - makes it easier to not have a thick mess in the end...also if necessary, very easy to move the glitter parts around in GITA if you want/need to.

  6. I cannot see any bubbles, and it looks like a mint green and white gradient! Pretty cool!!

  7. They are okay, but definitely not your best work! I love the Revlon colors!

  8. Yea..you called it. Move the stickers now further and have skipped Whimsical. Lucky you to have found Whimsical however. I think if I run into it, I will grab a bottle despite I have at least 1 if not 2 of GITA. I use it a lot and would be nice not to have to pay the Deb Lip price again - but I might be really critical on the Revlon formulation having become use to the Deb Lipp one.

  9. I LOVE THIS LOOK! i didnt know revlon had something so similar to glitter in the air, or else i wouldnt have spent so much on glitter in the air!


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