Milani 3D Digital and Hi-Res

Hey everyone! Just a quick mani for today. I love these Milani 3D polishes. Like most holos, these dry very fast and are very easy to apply. You can see another look I did using these polishes *here*. 

Keep an eye out tomorrow for swatches of the magnetics we will be carrying on youmixcosmetics.ecrater.com!!
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  1. Ahh! I picked up 4 of these (purple green blue silver) during Cyber Monday but I haven't tried them yet! I'm wondering whether I should complete the collection and get the pink and gold, but after getting 50% off I don't think I can bear paying full price for the last two..
    but soo pretty!!

  2. I didn't get any of these when they came out and every time I see someone do their mani using them my polish envy grows considerably. Beautiful, simple mani - I adore it.

  3. Hello! Thanks for your comment at my blog!:D You always like my fashion posts!:D:)))
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    Have a nice day:)

  4. Hey! It looks super cool! I love Milani Holographic. My sister did the same Mani with the Silver one and the Pink :)


    Greetz Anja

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! And I'm mad about this ring finger nail mani! Shiny!
    And feel free to learn about my blog Rock Ur Outfit (rockuroutfit.blogspot.com)

  6. So very pretty! I don't own any of these wishing I did :(

  7. love it! mine is Milani Cyberspace the holo is not that pronounced unlike other holo but i love its color :)


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