OPI Metallic 4 Life Funky French

Hey readers! 

I am sure you have all seen this polish a ton by now, but here it is anyway. This OPI Metallic 4 Life from the Nicki Minaj collection. This has multisized silver hex glitter in a sheer black base. I layered one coat over WnW Black Creme. I thought this got really good coverage for one coat and being a glitter. I also liked this a lot more than I expected! I almost didn't get it, but I am glad I did.

To add a little something, I added Color Club Hot Like Lava on the tips.

Do you have any favorites from the Nicki Minaj collection?

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  1. Looks amazing with that combined polish!

  2. I love this layering! It's very pretty over the black.

  3. I luv it!!!!!!!!! The pink tips rock!!!

  4. Not sure what it is about this one - but I am not a fan once I bought it and put it on. Like your tips.

  5. I got the WnW "Black Creme" to wear as a base for polishes like these ( at the time it was esp.for the FingerPaint flakies). I was shocked by it! My brush was so skinny & even though I wore a base coat under it, it really left my nails a mess! :( Is yours like that too? If so, do you know of a better black polish? I DID like how shiny it was though. Ter P. S. I love what you did with look!

  6. Really beautiful!

  7. this one looks like a must have to me ;-D


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