Zoya Penny

Hi guys! 

I just wanted to share a quick mani with you tonight...I hope to have some more exciting things to show you this week! This mani is my version of a palette cleanser. After my last post (the chunky, wrinkly, half moon failure), I chopped my nails down and kept it simple. It felt SO much better! :P

This is Zoya Penny, a pretty metallic copper with full coverage in 2 coats. 

And because I can't leave it alone, I had to add glitter. But I chose one that was the same color so it wasn't very obvious. This is LA Girl Glitter Addict in Flamboyant, one coat. I have a polish identical to this in my blog sale (check it out in my tab) only it's Love and Beauty brand.

What's your favorite palette cleanser mani?

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  1. I like muted pastels as a palette cleanser mani :)
    Or really any light creme shade.

  2. I don't think the camera did justice to your having played with it topping it with glitter. I think I like it left alone best, but it might just be the photo. I tend to like this copper/amber shades in the fall most...but now fall is so wide spread with new trends, seems I never get to my old fall favs that speak fall colors anymore!


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