Purple Skittles Mani

Hi readers!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! My husband and I have been super busy with You Mix and can never seem to fully catch up...but I guess that's a good problem to have right? haha

You can probably tell that I chopped my nails way down. I have been in a short nail phase for a few weeks now, but now I can't decide if I want to grow them out or keep them shorter. It's a lot easier maintenance wise, but I think these pics are a little too short for my taste. 

Purple was one of my very first loves in terms of what color I would wear on my nails before I became a polish addice. I feel like it's been a while, so I went all out with a different purple for each finger! I am ticked that I forgot to get my thumb in any pics, because it tied the whole mani together!

Pinky to pointer: Zoya Mira, ChG Sweet Hook under ChG Marry a Millionaire, OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI, ChG Sweet Hook with Sally Hansen Purple Chrome Pen for stamping. My thumb was sporting Zoya Julianne.

What used to be your favorite color to wear before you discovered the sweet world of nail polish?
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  1. Very pretty! I need to try one of these!

  2. This looks adorable, but I know what you mean with the short nails. I love my long nails, but they break easier - so keeping them at the medium length seems to work best for me. Plus, it's nice to wear certain colors that go better on short nails!

  3. I keep seeing Sweet Hook and it's one that I did not get out of the Electropop collection thinking I had a lot of light lilacs already and many turn really chalky white on me. But more I see it now, I WANT it! Why do we keep wanting the same shades? I love lavenders and purples - great skittle.

  4. I would have to say purple and pink. They definitely inundate my nail polish collection. They are always the first colors I pick up out of a collection as well. I am trying so hard not to buy those colors that now I have a plethora of blues. It js so hard to break the cycle. Lol


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