Born Pretty Shimmer Polish Scotch Tape Mani

Hey guys!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend...the weather is gorgeous today so we took little Taylee to the park and she loved every minute of it!

My manicure today is a scotch tape mani using polishes from Born Pretty Store. I have shown some of these to you before, *here* is where you can see more swatches. I love the finish of these...it's sort of a mix of glitter and shimmer, and it takes almost 1 coat for full coverage. I used Glitter Blue Shimmer and Navy Blue Shimmer (this looks a lot different on the site than in person) to create this look.

I love how the finish just makes the whole design look uniform! A tip my husband came up with a while back when doing scotch tape manis: I use label stickers instead of tape because it's less likely to ruin the polish underneath. To get the perfect crisp line without having to try to push the sticker down too much is to dab a piece of cotton with a little acetone on it onto the edge of the label. It seals it down and it won't mess up your polish if you use a light hand. This way your other color doesn't bleed underneath the tape!

Also, a quick You Mix update, we do have black and white glitter in bar and hex forms back in stock!

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  1. I believe those were the same polishes that I purchased after seeing your first post of them. I didn't realize that they came from China until after I placed the order and now I have nail plate lifting. Didn't happen until I used this polish. Not sure if it is due to chemicals in the polish or an allergy, but I thought I would share just as a warning. Keep an eye on your nails when you use it. My doctor says it will take atleast 3 months before my nails are back to normal and I was so upset I almost cried. Not to mention that these polishes really are pretty and I will no longer be using them....makes me sad. Know of any super shimmer polishes like these that are made in the USA???

    1. That's very odd because I haven't had that experience with these. I think the original Milani One Coat glitters are similar, but they are less fine and more glittery. Sorry to hear about your experience!

    2. Thanks. It's very frustrating b/c I spend alot of time and energy taking good care of my nails. These are the only new thing to go on my nails, so it has to be that...as far as I know. I really like them so it's disappointing all around :(

  2. Oh man. I'm in LOVE with the darker blue color.

  3. This is gorgeous!!! So sparkly =)


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