Born Pretty Milky Glitter Topcoat

Hey guys!

I meant to post this yesterday but never got a chance to. Dustin and I have been busy tying up all the loose ends before moving.

This mani left me wanting more. I attempted a lot of different nail art before I gave up. It was just one of those times where I knew nothing was going to work out and needed to just stop. So I did and this is how it ended up. 

This is China Glaze Make Some Noise and Color Club Twiggie as the accent nail.

I then added BO Nail Lacquer Milky Glitter Topcoat from Born Pretty. I love this! I like how it looks a little different over different colors. You can use my coupon code to get 10% off your purchase at Born Pretty: AJ10W21.

So there is my unfinished mani...do any of you just have to take a break from nails to get your inspiration back on track?
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*Born Pretty polish sent for review.
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  1. Looks finished to me! I like it. Make Some Noise is one that I did not get out of the Electropop collection. Maybe I need it??? Thanks for the coupon code. I like how the glitter has a milky base in it. There is an older one from Nubar that's a flakie which also has a milky base and I like that = as I do like what the newer Essie Pearl lux effect does as a topper. It turns things a tish milky too. I think you should look for another green to do this with - not sure what - Gaga for Green is maybe too bright.

  2. I lose inspiration all the time. :( But I must say a quick trip to Pinterest and I am back to being inspired.


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