Lush Lacquer Chubby Checker


I hope you guys are having a good Friday! 

Today's featured polish comes from Lush Lacquer, another super awesome indie seller. I recently ordered a few polishes from them and was very impressed with what I got. I honestly haven't been this excited about an indie polish in a while! 

The one I am showing you today is called Chubby Checker, a sheer but shimmery base with various black and white glitters.When I saw this on Etsy, it looked like a milky pink base that would build up in a few coats. So I was a little surprised to it was actually a sheer shimmer. Honestly though, I think I like it a lot better that way! The base is sheer enough that it will go over any color, which makes this a really versatile polish.

Below is 2 coats of Chubby Checker over China Glaze Sweet Hook. The accent nail is 2 coats of Jordana Rhinestones.

I had this idea to stamp a poodle (from the Bundle Monster plates) on a nail with a leash going on to the other nails for a little 50s vibe. And then I couldn't find that one plate...the only one I wanted was gone. I mean, what are the chances?! Just figures. haha So this is where the mani ended. I still liked it a lot anyway.

I wanted to show you the lovely shimmer Chubby Checker has. I'm kinda obsessed. :)

Have you guys heard of Lush Lacquer? Do you like what you see from them?
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  1. beautiful! Loving the accent nail

  2. I love them, I just got birthday cake which is a pretty close dupe to pretty and polished party on my yacht!

  3. I just bought this last week along with a few others! I haven't gotten them yet, but now I'm even more excited than I was before! It looks beautiful!

  4. This is so beautiful! I ordered this a couple of weeks ago, along with 4 other colors (somebody needs to keep me out of Etsy! LOL) and I can't wait to get them!

  5. Wow. May have to buy this now. Love the accent nail too.

  6. Lush polishes are worth the wait! I have three in my collection (so far!) and they are all beautiful, easy to work with, and hold up really well! They are also smooth to the touch with just one coat of Seche Vite...no Gelous to smooth it out, no layer upon layer of topcoat. Just one and done. I love my Lush!


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