Zoya Zuza + Coverband Sticks 'n Stones

Good morning!

I have a fun layering combo to show you today. I started off with Zoya Zuza part of the new Beach and Surf collections. I loved this color the most out of them all. Sadly, my swatch picture is a little blurry, but you still get the idea of it's prettiness! This is 2 coats.

Next, I added Coverband Sticks 'n Stones. This polish is amazing no matter which version you might have! I can see this being a go to when I don't know what else to wear. I got asked if I did a splatter on my nails at Sally's the other day while wearing this. haha

I love having polish combos that you know look good together. One of my others is Zoya Valerie with NYX Gilded Gold. How many of you have a go to layering combo?
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  1. Awesome! this is my favorite color combination ever.

  2. Love the combo, I have red with S&S on right now.

  3. I never thought of putting these two together, but I love it!!!

  4. Too lovely here and color selection is really classy to make your hand attractive as well. I will try it once and an occasion for it is ahead.

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