LCN Colour Me Up Box Set

Happy Friday!!

I have been soo tired today so I am glad it's the weekend so I can just chill! I also got my hair cut/colored this morning and the girl messed up my layers so my hair is a tad shorter than I would like....how long till it looks a little more grown out?

Anyway, today I'm showing you a set from LCN called Colour Me Up. It includes 4 colors that are perfect for summertime. 
This is Some Like It Hot, a hot coral shade. This is basically one coat, super good formula. I love this shade!

Spice Up Your Life (Spice Girls anyone??) - This also had great coverage in one coat, more of a dark pumpkin orange shade.

Fanappleistic- A saturated lime green, again one coat.

Colour Me Up- A medium purple with shimmer. Very pretty, and you guessed it...one coat! :)

I know these aren't the most unique shades out there, but the quality of the formula is very good, super easy to work with. So if you don't already have these colors in your collection, these are a great option.

You can buy this box set, or the individual shadesfrom LCN's for $29.90 (box) and $7.50 (individual).

So what do you guys think of these?
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*Products were sent to me for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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  1. Wow! I can't believe that's only one coat. That looks sooo good. Great swatching!

  2. Love the fact they're all one coaters!


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