Winks by Georgie False Lashes Review

Hi guys!

I have a makeup related posts for you today. I got these false lashes from Bloom.com to review a while back, and I am finally getting around to it! I am not a very experienced false lash user, so I was a little nervous to use them, but I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use! 

So these are pretty upscale lashes...they come with adhesive in a black compact with a mirror. I think this really helps with keeping the lash strips in good condition in between uses. 
As for application, I was amazed at how easy it was! I had used fake lashes once before and had a pretty hard time with them, but it only took one try to get them on. I liked the adhesive a lot, I was a little apprehensive since it was white and not tinted, but it dried clear and there were no traces of it once it dried. I put on ELF Studio Creme Eyeliner in Black before I applied the lashes and everything blended seamlessly.

Here's a couple pics of my overall look. The lashes stayed on all day and after a little adjustment, I hardly remembered they were there. I think the lashes aren't too over the top for more casual wear, but are perfect for a more dressy event as well. If you are wondering, my lipsgloss is Milani Hot Flash (I am a big fan of this line!).

Overall, I am very impressed with these lashes and would definitely recommend these! 

What are yall's thoughts on falsies?

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*This product was provided to me for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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  1. These look great on you! I can never seem to apply lashes and have them look natural.

  2. Nice to see your gorgeous face in a post!!! So used to seeing your gorgeous hands!!! They look great. I tried a pair once, because I love how they look on others, but I could not get used to how it felt on my eyes. Somebody told me to try the segmented ones. That I might like those better. I'm a contact lens wearer, but they still bugged the shit out of me. Maybe I'll have to have someone else put them on me.

  3. Wow! Those look amazing on you! You are gorgeous!


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