China Glaze Sexagon + Lush Lacquer Midnight Affair

Hey hey! How's all my polish lovers doing tonight? :)

I recently hauled a bunch of minis from Lush Lacquer, one of my favorite indie sellers out there. They have a huge selection of polishes that are always in stock. I recently decided that buying minis is what works for me when purchasing indie polish because I know I will never use up an entire full size bottle! 

So tonight I am showing you Lush Lacquer Midnight Affair layered over ChG Sexagon. I love layering glitters over the China Glaze Kaleidoscope polishes. When I first started collecting polish, it felt like a sin to layer over a precious holo! haha But I am so glad I tried it because the effect is definite eye candy! Anyway, Midnight Affair wasn't a total breeze to apply, but any headache is so worth it. Plus topcoat makes it all ok in the end. Just look at this...SO pretty!!

Just looking at this makes me happy. What a gorgeous polish.

And in case you are wondering, this is the mani that I experimented using my glue base coat for!

So tell me what you think about Lush Lacquer Midnight Affair!
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  1. Great combination! The red and black really pop against the lighter base :)


  2. Oh! I just purchased my Elmer's Glue today, soooo I haven't tried it yet. Looking forward to it though. I love Lush Lacquers as well. Your mani and review are the best.

  3. This looks fab! Great combo - love everything about this one and that's saying something for me as I am not all that fond of glitter - but if I do wear them, I like these that are scattered out enough so you can see a base shade come through well...and what a great base you chose!

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