1500 Follower Giveaway- Indie Extravaganza!

Hi polish lovers!!

I am SO excited to finally unveil what I have been planning for this giveaway! Thank YOU for supporting me and making blogging so much fun!

As the co-owner of You Mix, I have the opportunity to interact with some amazingly talented and super sweet ladies who make their own polish. Regardless of this connection, I LOVE indie polish...like a lot. So it makes it even more special to have these ladies featured here for this giveaway! Their shops are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what's out there in the indie community. I wanted to feature ones that I have purchased from in the past or admired from afar that are also customers of You Mix...but don't get me wrong...I wish I could purchase from and feature everyone! My husband would say I am coming close and one look at my indie collection may prove that. haha

Ok, so what am I giving away you ask? I have 10 wonderful indie brands whose owners have graciously donated polishes from their lines and they are all amazing! This means there will be 10 winners!! 

So let's get to what's up for grabs:

Prize #1 is Trick or Treat, a super fun Halloween/Fall polish from Daring Digits owned by Ashley. She currently has her shop in vacation mode, but she is reopening with a sale this Friday! You can also stay updated on Daring Digits by liking their Facebook page.

Photos courtesy of Daring Digits

 Prize #2 is Starlight Starbright from Jamie who owns Kawaii Nail Lacquer. Jamie has a lot of amazing themed collections! You can stay up to date with Kawaii Nail Lacquer by liking her Facebook page *here*.

Photos courtesy of Kawaii Nail Lacquer

Prize #3 is 3 minis from Hit Polish. I love Rachel's shop...she has a ton of unique polishes to offer. Definitely something for everyone. You can visit her site *here* or her Etsy shop *here*. And to stay in the loop like her Facebook page!

Photos courtesy of Hit Polish

Prize #4 is Sugar Daddy from Lush Lacquer. What makes this indie brand stand out is that it's a collaborative effort between a mother and a daughter team: Karin and Lexi! And their polishes are total eye candy...one look at their Etsy shop and you'll know what I mean. :) Be sure to follow Lush Lacquer on Facebook to stay in the loop! 

Photos courtesy of Lush Lacquer

Prize #5 is Vampire Kiss, Halloween Candy, and Sugar Skulls from Sandra at Candy Lacquer, just in time for Halloween! She has a bunch of amazing polishes in her shop that are all very original, as you can see from what she is offering for this prize! Keep up with Candy Lacquer on Facebook *here*.

Photos courtesy of Candy Lacquer

Prize #6 is Float On by Sandy of Dandy Nails! Float On is one of her newer polishes and it's just gorgeous. Also, Sandy recently got picked up by Ninja Polish, which is an awesome accomplishment! Be sure to see what's new with Dandy Nails by following them on Facebook

Photos courtesy of Dandy Nails

Prize #7 is Chunky Cow from Jenn, Lacey, and Lexi, sisters AND owners of F4 Polish (how fun!). They have some awesome creations in their shop! Stay in touch with F4 Polish on Facebook *here* .

Photos courtesy of F4 Polish

Prize #8 is Dangerous Driver from Darling Diva. It's not everyday you see this kind of polish in an Etsy shop. This shop offers a wide variety of polishes for all tastes (I love Slutty Pumpkin! haha). Be in the know with Darling Diva by following her on Facebook

Photos courtesy of Darling Diva

Prize #9 is Satellite and Violet Sky from Janice, owner of The Polish Bar. Janice is super sweet! And her polishes are gorgeous! Visit her on Facebook *here*. 

Photos courtesy of The Polish Bar

And FINALLY(!), Prize #10 is Primadonna and B.A.M.F from GlitterDaze! Be sure to check out Sana's new website. It's gorgeous! You can see what's she's up to on Facebook as well!
Photos courtesy of GlitterDaze

Are you guys still with me? That was quite a bit of prizes!

So once the winners are selected through Rafflecopter, the first one drawn has first choice of the prizes, second has the next choice, and so on. 

Now that you have made it this far, go enter!

Good luck, readers!! :)

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  1. Congrats on 1500! Exciting giveaway thank you :)

  2. Congrats!! (and here is Janice's fb page.. http://www.facebook.com/ThePolishBar

  3. Congratulations!!! You are lucky to have such amazing polishes as prizes :-)

  4. those are some of the coolest polishes i've seen. congratulations on your 1500 followers!:D

  5. Congrats on 1568 followers and thanks for this giveaway! ;-)

  6. Congratulations!!!!! what unique polishes this truly is a one of a kind giveaway :)

  7. congrats! thanks for this awesome giveaway :-D

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  9. Congrats and thanks for the awesome prizes!!

  10. congratulations for ur acheivemenT!!! :)
    n thanx a lot for such a lovely giveaway....
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  11. Congrats on 1500 and thanks for this giveaway!

  12. Done ALL :)

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