Born Pretty Store Black Polish + Nail Art

Hey guys!

I recently got some items from Born Pretty Store to review and this one didn't disappoint! This is a black polish with pretty gold fleck type glitter in it. I did 2 coats here and the formula was great!

The gold fleck in this polish inspired me to continue the gold into some nail art. I have been saving this mani from ColorfulBottle for inspiration and now was the perfect time to finally make the idea reality! First, I sponged the tips with Orly Luxe and used it to stamp a cheetah print design. I love the look the fade gives to the design!

This is a pretty simple nail art idea and it marries 2 of my favorite methods of nail art! 

You can find the base polish I used *here* and the stamping plate I used *here*. 

 Don't forget, you can use code AJ10W21 to get 10% off also!

So, what do you think of this mani?
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  1. cute!! I just saw this on heir facebook page :) It must be great to be featured!

    They look awesome :)

  2. Wow, i really like this! At first I thought the print was little feet and I thought of little footprints coming out of the ocean onto sand or something. LOVE the effect!

  3. What a fantastic idea! I love the final result :)

  4. never thought of this! it's completely awesome <3


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