Forever 21 Leopard Print Nail Decals

Hello guys! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was relaxing and included a couple naps so that's always a plus. ;)

I was buying some jewelry online from Forever 21 recently and couldn't help but check out the nail section. They have a pretty extensive selection of nail polish at a cheap price but I was intrigued by these nail stickers and they were only $1.80 so I had to give them a try. So here is the design I chose...actually this might have been the only one.

So at first glance and from a distance these look pretty good. If you look closer though, they look kinda fake and not all the edges are laying down flat. I had some issues with application because there wasn't a good size selection for my nails, but other than that they went on ok. I only kept these on for a day because they were bothering me too much. haha 

If you wanted to wear these for a special event or something I would say go for it, but I wouldn't recommend them for long term wear. With the price though, you can't go wrong!

What are your thoughts on these? Have any of you tried them?
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