Random Kleancolor Comparisons

Happy Friday everybody!

I recently got some Kleancolors on eBay and noticed that some of the ones I got were similar to polish I already own. Since Kleancolor is the one of the cheapest polish brands out there, I figured maybe some of you would benefit from seeing some compared with brands that cost a little more. 

So for the first comparison, we have Kleancolor Metallic Pink and Color Club Hot Like Lava. The Kleancolor is a lot more of a saturated, bright shade while the Color Club has more silvery specks in it. The formula was about the same on these.

Next, is Zoya Carly and Kleancolor Metallic Purple. You can tell the Kleancolor is a lot more blue leaning whil Carly is more red. The overall finish is the same. These 2 only seem to be a shade or two apart.

Here is Color Club Twiggie and Kleancolor TLC. Very similar, but the Kleancolor is a shade lighter. Formula wise, I would choose Twiggie.

And finally, here is Color Club Perfect Mol-Ten and Kleancolor Metallic Green. I love the Kleancolor! So bright. I feel like the Color Club is the typical metallic/foil green that you see. They are both very different so you could justify owning both. :)

So that's it for my random comparisons! Hopefully you weren't too bored. haha 

Let me know if this is something you would like to see more of in the future and if you have any requests!
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  1. Great comparisons! I really love Kleancolor and the fact it's cheap makes me love it even more!

  2. Wonderful comparison! Very useful :)

  3. so similarly,but great polish

  4. Glad some of you found it useful!


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