Saran Wrap Nail Art + Baby Nails!

 Hi polish lovers!

My little almost 2 year old decided that getting up at 5:30 am this morning was a good idea so I am posting extra early today! Pretty sure I am gonna crash later though. :/

I have my first saran wrap mani to share with you today. It was an easy technique that I think anyone can do. I chose a fast dry polish to paint over my base color and I wasn't able to get the saran wrap method to work the traditional way, which you can find here. Instead, Dustin had the idea to dab the saran wrap in polish on a paper plate and that worked out pretty well. Here is the end result:

My base color is Zoya Arizona and I used Sally Hansen Insta Dri Speedy Sunburst as my saran wrap accent. Can you tell I am not quite ready to let go of my bright, summer colors? haha

As my post title mentioned, I have some baby nails for you too! It's been a while since I have done Taylee's nails because she can't stay still and always has to touch the polish while it's wet but she always wants me to paint them (what else would you expect from an almost 2 year old?!). Enter the Essie Mirror metallics that dry super fast...she was good to go immediately after painting and her nails were super cute. :)

Have any of you tried the saran wrap mani before?

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  1. nice colors on your mani and cute baby nails :)i did the saran wrap mani once, i did it by doing a layer of top color and dabbing the saran wrap onto it to remove some polish. i think either way of doing it works out fine :) good job!

  2. The saran wrap mani is gorgeous, I'm loving the bright colors!! Adorable baby mani too =)

  3. The Saran Wrap is gorgeous, I've done both techniques and for me, I've found it works better the way you did it. The colors are awesome together :] And the baby's nails are adorable as well, Taylee is such a unique and pretty name :]

  4. I love those two colours together, it's gorgeous! And the baby mani is super cute! ♥

  5. Great color combo!!! Love the way these look.

  6. I keep meaning to try the saran wrap. Might just do it later :) Baba's nails are cute as hell too ;D

  7. I love doing the saran wrap method. Instead of using saran wrap I use a plastic grocery bag and just cut it into ten strips. Works great. I am in love with your color combination.


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