Essie Nothing Else Metals + Stamping

Hi guys!

Dustin and are are super busy preparing for You Mix's reopening this week, so this post is gonna be short and sweet.

I found most of the Essie Mirror Metallics on a blog sale for $4 bucks each and Nothing Else Metals was one of those. Gotta love blog sales! The Essie metallics are awesome. They do best without a basecoat and they dry really fast! I stamped a houndstooth pattern and the end was result looked really cool with the metallic base. For some reason my pics are a little grainy so they aren't as good as what I usually come up with, but you get the idea!

How do you feel about the Essie metallics? Are you a fan?
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  1. wow it looks so cool!! I thought it was a water decal first :D

  2. This is gorgeous!! Your stamping skills are flawless, I agree with Nailderella, I thought this was a decal when I first saw it!

  3. This is so pretty! Did you stamp with the black or the metallics?? It's hard to tell! :]

  4. This is so pretty esp the stamp! It looks awesome!

  5. they look very neat and elegant :)


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