Sweet Color Nail Polish from Born Pretty- Swatches and Review

Good morning everybody!

I have some swatches of some relatively new polishes from Born Pretty Store to show you today. The line is called Sweet Color and I think it's very fitting and I am sure you will see that too. I mostly lean toward cool tone polishes so those are the ones I am showing you today, but in the future I will show you more from this line!

All of these colors are a hybrid of a cream and a jelly. Some lean a little more one way or the other but overall I think that's the best description. They are mostly on the sheer side so it took about 3 coats to get full coverage. All of the formulas were very good and you will notice they are very shiny-that's without topcoat! But I think these would do pretty well for making jelly sandwiches which I like.

Like most polish from Born Pretty, these don't have names, only numbers.

The first is #232. This one reminds me of an apple flavored Jolly Rancher!

#337 is a lovely mint shade. I can never get enough of this color!

#009 is an aqua, another favorite color of mine!

#034, a sky blue, was one of the more opaque ones but it isn't totally a cream either.

#010 is a pigmented purple. This one had the most opaque coverage of the bunch.

And a quick overview. Do you have any favorites?

These are all sort of candy-like to me so that's why I think the Sweet Color name is fitting. ;) Even though these may not be the most original colors out there, I love having the option of a jelly finish in some of my favorite colors. So for that reason alone, I would say you are justified in owning them! haha

You can find these shades and many more from the Sweet Color line *here*. Don't forget that you can get 10% off your order when you use my coupon code which is: AJ10W21 and Born Pretty always has free shipping!

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Thanks so much for being awesome readers...you guys are the best!

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