Zoya Monica + Hit Polish Aquarelle + Nail Art!

Hey polish lovers!!

Today really feels like it should be Friday and sadly it's not. :( 2 more days!

I am excited to share with you this mani that I love the way it turned out. It's easy and simple, but still makes a statement!

My ring finger is Essie To Buy or Not To Buy with Zoya Monica scotch taped at the tips. I added some rhinestones for a little more flair! The rest of my fingers are Zoya Monica and Hit Polish Aquarelle.

Rachel recently revamped Aquarelle a little bit, so I have the older version but I don't think they are too different. Either way, I LOVE how this pops over the dark base!

And a yummy close up...I am still working on perfecting these shots...

Overall, I love how this mani came out! 

What do you ladies think of Aquarelle?

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  1. So adorable I love accent nail and Aquarelle is so pretty

  2. Aquarelle is gorgeous!! i love that you paired it with a dark color, it really helps it stand out! Love the accent nail too =)

  3. I love this so much! Aquarelle is perfect!!

  4. Aquarelle looks great, and I love your accent nail! :]

  5. I loved this so much I zipped right over to etsy and bought aquarelle! Trying to decide if I need Monica or if I have something else similar....not sure, haven't had time to look yet!


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