Upcoming Daring Digits New Releases Swatches

Hello polish lovers!

Today I've got a couple swatches from Daring Digits to show you. These will be released in the very near future according to their Facebook page.

First is Druid. The base is pretty sheer, so you could easily layer this over a purple creme to cut down on the amount of coats you need. I did 4 here with no underwear. My camera had a hard time capturing this one because on top of the glitter there's a blue-ish shimmer! You can kind of see it in my 2nd photo.

And this is Amber! I'm excited because that's my name! haha This is quite the complex color...below you can see it in normal light:

But when it gets sunlight or camera flash (what you see here), look what happens! This awesome green flash appears as well as some holo bits. I was surprised at how cool it looks even though you wouldn't think brown and green look good together. haha This was more on the sheer side as well and I believe I did 4 coats, but I think 3 could have been good enough.

You can see more of the upcoming releases for Daring Digits in the shop *here* and like the Facebook page to stay updated on all things Daring Digits!

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  1. Wow! I love the glittery purple one so much!
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