Zoya Frida + Jordana Celestial Jelly Sandwich

Hi guys!

It's been nothing but really cold and cloudy lately, which is getting in the way of my swatching big time! But luckily I have quite a few nail pics backlogged so I can keep up the 5 day/week posting. :)

When I first saw the Zoya Gloss polishes I wasn't very impressed. But I can't say no to teal so I ended up getting Frida during a promo a while back. Although it takes a lot of coats to get decent coverage, the overall effect is worth it. I layered Jordana Celestial in between my coats of Frida. Love how it turned out!!

Do you guys love jelly sandwiches or are you over them?
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  1. Love this! I am waiting for Frida from the promo! Can't wait to get it! :)

  2. That's one good looking sandwich.

  3. Great combination! I just got Celestial in a swap--I might have to copy you. :)

    1. haha You should! I use Celestial more than I use most other polishes...such a pretty glitter!

  4. I love jelly sandwiches... Those and jelly polishes are what got me addicted to nail polish :) The Zoya glosses are what did it for me! I love how the polish and glitter looks together.


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