D&R Apothecary Tricolor Pansy + Zoya Miley Jelly Sandwich

Good morning!

Here is a mani I wore quite a while ago. I was so happy with how it all worked out! I started with a few coats of Zoya Miley, which is a pale lavender jelly, and topped that off with Tricolor Pansy from D&R Apothecary. But I didn't stop there!

Miley and Tricolor Pansy were made for each other to create an awesome jelly sandwich. I think I prefer this look as opposed to without the extra jelly layer. So happy for spring!

Do any of you own Tricolor Pansy? Are you still loving a good jelly sandwich mani?
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  1. Love the combo! I need to try out a jelly sandwich :)

  2. this is so fun. I really love how that yellow pops out.

  3. Such a fun glitter!

    I feel like I have Miley, and don't remember it being a sheer jelly....maybe I'm getting it mixed up with Marley. I might have to pick up Miley then!


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