Born Pretty Store Luminous Candy Color Polish Swatches!

Hi ladies!

This is a pic heavy post full of bright, fun colors so I'm gonna keep it short on words.

Today I am showing you a set I was recently sent to review by Born Pretty Store. These are all bright, some neon and they glow in the dark!

 As with pretty much all polishes from Born Pretty, there aren't names given to the polishes, just numbers.

This is #18. A super bright neon orange. Even brighter in person!

#16 is a tad lighter than #18. Sort of reminds me of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese! haha

#2 is a bright yellow creme. There was a random streak of pink in my bottle, but that didn't come out on the nail. Weird.

#3 is a bright, pastel green. I love shades like this.

#4 is a super bright neon green! Another one that's much brighter in person.

#6 is a medium blue creme.  I was hoping this would have more of a neon quality, but still a pretty shade anyway.

#10 is a neon purple creme. Love this color for summertime.

#9 is pastel purple. I really like this shade and it might even be unique to my stash!

 #11 is a happy pink. This one is a tad brighter in person.

And finally, #13 is a lighter, bright pink. I think this is one of my favorites from the collection, I wore it as a full mani for a few days and was really impressed with the lack of wear I had.

So here are the polishes under a blacklight. You can see that some are stronger than others. 

But in terms of glowing in the dark, they all really glow! This is a crappy pic, but you get the idea. With the pink I wore as a full mani, I forgot that it glowed in the dark and at night I was so surprised with how brightly it was glowing. I think these glow brighter on the nail than the bottle shows.

And there they all are again...which ones are your favorites?

The formula on all of these were really good and I think they are fun colors for spring and summer. You can purchase these as a set, or individually. The bottles are 7mL, so mini but not small enough that you can't use it a good amount of times. You can find them on Born Pretty's site *here*. I have a 10% off code that you can apply to your purchase as well: AJ10W21. Plus, there is worldwide free shipping, as always!

*Products sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions. 

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  1. So much awesome spring and summer colors! I don't have much bright colors in my collection so these are definitely something I will check out :) Thanks for the swatches!

  2. Waw great review and i just love the flow in the dark picture :)

  3. What a bonus for them to be glow in the dark! Such lovely colours these are!! :D Great review!

  4. Lovely swatches!

    I just stumbled upon your blog, and your layout is so cute :D

  5. Wow I love these! Would be so fun to do a rainbow mani with them!

  6. I love these! They are so pretty and glow in different colors :D squeeee!

  7. i love bright nail polish. great swatches!

  8. Lovely swatches!!! These are prettY!

  9. Thank you! So glad you are loving the bright colors!


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