Nabi Holo Dark Purple + Nail Art

Good morning!

There was recently some buzz in a polish group I am in about these holo polishes from Nabi. I was able to get 6 for about $20 with free shipping on Ebay. Good deal, I think! While these aren't linear, they are super sparkly and definitely shine in the sunlight.

This is Dark Purple in indirect sunlight. Second photo is with flash.

To add a little something to this mani, I scotch taped off the corners and painted China Glaze Sweet Hook with Sation Fake It Till You Make It on top. Love this glitter topper!

If you want to get your hands on some of these Nabi holos *here* is the link to the eBay seller I got mine from. There are other options to get more or less polishes in different listings.

What do you think of this holo from Nabi?
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  1. Oh what a beautiful purple holographic nail polish! The purple isn't too deep nor too light, just the right kind of purple! Love it! The simple nail art you did totally compliments the colours further! ♥

  2. So pretty. Your nails and manicure are spot on!!

    I was passing a local Walgreen's on Friday (that I never go to) and decided to stop in, looking for a specific polish ... when I noticed on the cosmetics counter a Nabi display. I was super excited since I have been wanting to try them. My excitement kinda dwindled when I noticed they were the magnetics. I did pick up 3 for the colours (I don't care if the magnets work or not) and I hope Walgreens will get in more regular Nabi polishes.

    1. That is exciting to find Nabi in stores...I hope they get to holos also. It's always easier to tell what they look like in person rather than online!


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