China Glaze Shell-o + Coverband Sticks n Stones Sandwich

Hello awesome readers!

I have another vacation mani to show you today. So the lighting is kinda funky compared to what I am used to being in a different place. This is Shell-o from this year's China Glaze neon collection. It's a jelly and super pretty! I sandwiched in Sticks n Stones from Ninja Polish and LOVED the result! Rebecca from Rebecca Likes Nails did something similar.

I don't think I will ever get tired of black and white glitter toppers...they make a statement and go with anything!
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  1. Love it, I am such a sucker for neons! I got one of the creams from this collection and the formula was AWFUL. It's scared me off from everything else. How are the jellies?

    1. Most of the jellies aren't bad, but I heard similar things about the formula and waited for reviews before buying any. I am glad I did because some colors that appealed to me were not good at all in reviews! I would check out Rebecca Likes Nails' review, she was the most helpful. :)

  2. Ahh I'm totally kicking myself for not having enough money for any polishes this month because the China glaze base you used is absolutely gorgeous. Heard some bad things about the formula but I think I'd still like it.

  3. Great jelly sandwich! I love black and white glitters a lot :)

  4. Oh tasty! A very creative sammy ~

  5. I'm in love with black and white glitter too, they just look good with everything!

  6. Hey,
    beautiful! :)


  7. I love black and white glitters! I love the bold look of them and non-nail obsessed people are always so impressed... people think it's some kind of nail art or something lol... I never thought to try a jelly sandwich with them... going on my mani to do list! :)

  8. I agree! They make a statement with everyone!


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