Salon Perfect Exploded- Summer Vaca Nails!

Good morning!

I have been so busy with review posts this past month that I am still catching up on my personal manicures. Today I am showing you a mani I wore for the vacation I took with my family to Hilton Head Island , SC back in June. I loved the bright neons and the accent nail turned out so cute. Perfect for the beach!

I layered 1 coat of Salon Perfect Exploded over a white creme. The accent nail is Color Club Wham! Pow!,  China Glaze Hang Ten Toes and Sunkissed all swirled together with an adorable pufferfish stamp from the Cheeky Summer 2013 plate collection.

These aren't my normal pics or lighting since I took these after I had already left for my trip, but I think you get the idea!

I still have a handful of summer polishes to use before the season is over...crazy to think fall is practically around the corner!
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  1. This looks really pretty. I love the accent nails and the lighting it fine :)


  2. I wish I could have found the whole collection of these neon glitters. I was only able to snag Kaboom, the "floam" polish. Your manicure is very cute!

  3. What a fun summer manicure! :)


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