Important My Nail Graffiti Updates!

Hey guys!

I am back tonight with some bits and pieces of info that is more housekeeping related...but I want to keep you all informed!

  • Have you heard of NailPolishNews.net? This site is an automatic feed of a handful of nail bloggers posts that you can subscribe to by email. A fun, different way to get your nail polish fix! I just recently joined the feed, so it's also another way to follow my blog. I would love for you to visit the page and tell me your thoughts!
  • I have had an Instagram account for a while now but haven't been very active there. I decided to change that and have started posting nail photos there from my blog posts! If you want to follow me, here is where you can find my profile: http://instagram.com/mynailgraffiti. I hope to have an icon on my sidebar for easy access to that in the near future!

That's it for now! Thanks to those who actually read all this and My Nail Graffiti will be back to nail polish tomorrow. :)

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