Orly French Mani Set ft. Space Cadet

Hey friends!

I saw a set from Orly at TJ Maxx recently that intrigued me. It came with everything for the perfect french mani with a twist and included mini bottles of Top 2 Bottom, Black Vinyl, and Space Cadet along with some awesome nail guides to help you create some different looks like a traditional french, a half moon mani, and a chevron french. There was even a little pamphlet on how to create all the looks...super easy!

This was on sale for $10 at TJ Maxx and I actually found mine in a blog sale for $5, but for what you get $10 still isn't bad!

I went for the chevron french mani look. The stickers were sturdy and easy to use; I wish I could buy them separately so I could have a bunch on hand! I did 2 coats of Space Cadet on the tips...such a pretty duochrome effect over black.

Have you guys seen this set floating around your TJ Maxx stores? I have seen them at a few other discount stores like Marshalls as well. 
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  2. I scored this set from Sally Beauty on clearance for $8. Mine has a dark shimmering blue and silver foil. Still need to use it. I'm thinking it will be good to wear in the winter.

    1. I have seen that one! I resisted but it does look very winter appropriate!

  3. Very cool! I'm pretty much in love with Space Cadet :)

    Oh and those stickers are really cheap on Ebay!

  4. I actually saw this yesterday at Ross. I *almost* bought it, but I already have Space Cadet...so I don't actually need this set. : )


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