SinfulColors SinfulShine Review and Nail Art

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Good morning polish friends!

I have a couple polishes from the newer line fron SinfulColors called SinfulShine to show you today. They promise to deliver a high gloss shine using a self-curing polymer formula similar to what using a UV lamp and gel polish would look like. There are 32 colors to choose from and are 3 free. 

First, is Set the Mood, a navy creme with a touch of teal. It almost covered in one coat but there were a few bald spots that made a second coat necessary. I definitely noticed a high shine factor with this one...no top coat used for my swatch. 

And this is All the Rage, a bright pink with a hint of shimmer. This is one coat. The formula for this polish was a lot thicker than Set the Mood...it was almost a little too thick. But again the shine factore is definitely there!

I decided to combine these two SinfulShine colors along with Milani Almond Bliss to create a dotticure. I was a little OCD about the placing and the sizes of my dots so it took me forever to finish both hands. haha I had great wear time with this mani and I definitely credit that toward the SinfulShine formula. I loved the glossy shine and wish that all polishes had it built in like this too!

So there you have it! Have you tried any of the polishes from the SinfulShine line yet? I definitely plan to keep them on my radar.

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*Polish sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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  1. There both pretty colors and I can definitely see a lot of shine to it :)

  2. Oh very cute, love those colours. Looking forward to picking up some Sinful Shine when I get to the US later this year :-)

  3. Hi...I actually bought a dark blue Sinful Shine (maybe it was even Set the Mood) a few months ago. When I used it, it left the most horrible blue staining on my nails...worse than any other polish has. I used proper base coat too. Like you, I found the formula to be thick and the shine to be great. But when I removed it with pure acetone...holy, moly! Did you experience staining with either of these Sinful Shine polishes? Thank you, Delphi

    1. I only swatched the dark blue, so I didn't have it on long enough to get any staining but I can definitely see how it could happen because it's very pigmented. The pink one didn't stain and I had that on for about 3 days. Sometimes you never know with a polish until it's too late!


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