New ShopStyle Product Review Feature + Giveaway!

Hello again!

As a POPSUGAR Select blogger, I got to try out the new review system on the ShopStyle website. This site is kind of addicting, if you haven't visited it yet, there is anything and everything to browse through and I found myself looking at way too many cute things!

Anyway, so the review system was super easy to use and really gives you the chance to give a thorough review that will be helpful to others. I decided to be positive and leave reviews only for items I really loved, but you can leave any rating you wish on any product. I focused mainly on beauty products but there are lots of other categories as well. Trust me, you won't have a hard time finding something you own or have used before!

Once this site gets lots more reviews on it's listings, I can see how it would be a very helpful one stop resource to aid in making decisions on purchases or to get real life feedback on a product.

So, if YOU give this new feature a try, you could win $1,000! Hello, shopping spree! There are more details *here* that will tell you exactly how to enter and win. Good luck!!

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