Pop Culture Cosmetics Swatches and Review

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Hi lovely readers!

I have a post full of eye candy for you today! Have you heard of Pop Culture Cosmetics before? This is an indie brand with a TON of polishes to choose from...it's glittery goodness to the max! I have 5 of their newer polishes to share with you today...let's take a look!

First, is Piñata Killer, part of the Anniversary collection. Holy cow, there is a LOT going on here! I am pretty sure that I didn't even get every glitter on my nails that is in the bottle. So many different kinds! I had the best luck getting a blob of this and swiping it on some paper and then picking and choosing which glitters I wanted to place where. That way I got a nice variety. I did one coat and then the pick and choose method over Zoya Elodie. I really like the iridescent glitters in here, they really complement the matte glitters.

Next up, is Beyond the Fence from the Factions collection. I did 3 coats here and placed a few of the larger glitters. There are moons, stars and circles in this one!  This one has a lot of depth to it and I really love the shimmer in the base...a perfect fall shade!

Another polish from the Factions collection, this is The Peaceful. The cherry red base is richly pigmented and I only needed 2 coats to cover. I placed a few of the larger circles but most of them came out well on their own as I was painting. I like this spin on a classic polish color...who said red polish had to be boring? ;)

Next up is a personal fave of mine, Purple Holo-versary, also from the Anniversary collection. I layered 2 coats with a few larger glitter placements over Sally Hansen Grape Escape from the Insta-Dri line. This could be built up to cover on it's own in more coats as well. Everything works together so well in this polish...just gorgeous!

Last but not least, a polish from the Pop Culture Seasonal polish selections called Be Mine Frankenstein. This is such a creative twist on the typical colors we see in most Halloween polishes. The shape glitters really contribute to that but I am also loving the tiny metallic glitters as well. Those really bring it all together. This is 2 coats over a black creme. Some larger glitters placed.

I want to note that the fact that I had to pick and place some of the larger glitters in these polishes is not a problem with the polish itself, just a characteristic of the large, shaped glitter in general.

 I would love to know what you think of these!

I am a huge fan of Pop Culture Cosmetics  (I have yet to post some of my personal purchases here on the blog!). One look at their site and I know you'll be hooked too! SO much eye candy to be had! Another thing I like about PCC is that they offer minis. I can pretty guarantee I will never use an entire full size indie so I like having this option.

*You can purchase Pop Culture Cosmetics polishes on their website, popculturecosmetics.com, or on Etsy.

*Follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well! Need incentive? You'll find a giveaway going on that ends in 2 days!

*Polish sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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