November Ipsy GlamBag Reveal!

Hi everyone!

It's that time of the month when I show you the contents of my Ipsy bag! This month's theme was Glam It Up in preparation for the glitz of the holiday season. Accordingly, the bag my products came in is a metallic gold with a reptile texture and a contrasting bright pink zipper. I haven't been a fan of the bags I have gotten in the past so much, but this one is so me! Very cute.

I have gotten a polish from Nailtini in a past Ipsy bag and wasn't too impressed with the formula, so I'm hoping this one is better. I am also interested to see how this metallic copper compares to others I already own.

Next, the Pillow Plush Cushiony Lip Balm in Strawberry from em by Michelle Phan. I was excited to try this but it's a bit meh for me. The packaging and the name is super cute but I was left wanting more from this. It doesn't moisturize very well and the sheer red shade doesn't compliment my darker pigmented lips.

I was excited for this next product from Starlooks, the Gem Eye pencil in Amythest. I am loving the metallic finish and the purple shade is a perfect compliment to my green eyes. Can't wait to experiment with this some more!

I love me a chubby lip pencil. This one is from Be a Bombshell, a brand that's new to me. This is a super bright, matte red. I'm pretty happy with the quality.

This is my 3rd Cailyn product since joining Ipsy. I have come to the conclusion they like bulky packaging because every product takes up way more space than necessary. But this is the first product from Cailyn that hasn't been my fave in terms of quality and performance.

Finally, I got a bronzer from Pixi that I really like. The shade is flattering and there isn't a ton of shimmer or glitter. Just a fine sheen to it. I will definitely be putting this to use!

Here is everything together. There were 6 items this month! Last month has probably been my favorite bag so far. This month was mostly just ok for me. I think Ipsy needs to work with other brands to create a larger range of variety from month to month. I really love Ipsy though and don't see myself unsubscribing anytime soon. 

If you want to subscribe to an Ipsy Glam bag you can use my link to get you started *here*. Ipsy also started a new points program where you can earn points toward a free full size product by reviewing your bag's items, among other things!

You can view my past Glam Bag posts *here*.

Tell me what you think of this month's Glam Bag!

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  1. I only like a couple of those things but I won't buy them...

  2. I gave up on Ipsy's bags after just one, I was so disappointed. haha But these products look pretty cool and I liked reading your thoughts on them! I think I'd like the liner, chubby lip pencil and polish.


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