Water Marble Water Decals

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Hi guys!

If you want to get the look of a water marble but don't like the mess and skill involved, these water decals are for you!

 I have only used water decals once before but quickly fell in love with how easy they were to use to get intricate nail art. This was my first time using full nail water decals though and  these have a much better end result than any other nail strip I've tried. 

This design is a chocolate brown, teal and mint water marble. I did a base of a coordinating polish to help mask any imperfections in my application but it turns out that wasn't necessary because these fit my super curved nails perfectly. I usually have gaps on the side of some nails when using other nail strips because they don't fit me well enough. 

When wearing nail strips I usually have serious tip wear really fast, but these wore like iron and stayed put. Removal was a cinch too!

I would highly recommend these if you have lost all hope in using nail strips. I referenced this tutorial to get some application tips and was glad I did because I learned to apply my top coat before filing the excess strip off and that made a huge difference in getting a clean edge at the tips. Maybe this could work with other nail strips. Anyone tried it before?

These water decals are from Born Pretty and can be found *here* for less than $5, plus get 10% off with my code, AMG10.

What are your thoughts on water decals?

*Product sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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  1. Wow, these are SO pretty, I LOVE the color combo! I've never tried the full nail water decals before because, like you I have curvy beds and figured they would end up just like nail strips. I think I'll order a set next time I'm at BPS, at that price what have I got to lose!

  2. I like these decals and thanks for the top coat tip!


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