Sally Hansen Insta-Ombre Review and Swatches

*Press Sample*

I think it's safe to say ombre is the trend of the decade. From hair to home decor, you can find it anywhere! Sally Hansen just released a line of polishes to help you achieve the ombre look on your nails. I really love the look of a glitter gradient on nails and it's a go to look for me, so I was excited to give these a try! The bottle says to apply one coat to the full nail, wait a minute and apply a second coat starting at the middle of the nail, wait a minute and apply a third coat to just the tips. 

Let's take a look at the 4 I have to show you and I'll give you my thoughts at the end of this post.

Gold Grade is a fine yellow gold and silver mix.

Copper Cap is fine copper and silver glitter.

Layer on Lilac is purple and silver glitter.

Grey-diant is charcoal and silver glitter.

My thoughts: I really like the subtle and delicate look these give to bare nails. I find that it took some extra dabbing here and there to get an obvious gradient look. I also didn't bring the first coat all the way down the nail because I feel like that contributes to the overall gradient look better. These polishes can easily be layered over another color for a different look. I will be posting that on my Instagram (mynailgraffiti) soon. The formula was very thin and easy to work with, especially for a glitter.

The only complaint I have is that it can be hard to get a true gradient look with just the one size of glitter in this bottle. I think these would have been even better if it came with a second bottle of slightly larger glitters to use at the tip to mid point. But that said, I feel like it's harder to find bottles of superfine glitters (as opposed to larger glitters) like these to use in a gradient look so they are very helpful to use in achieving it.

This collection is limited edition and retails for around $6/bottle.

Have you picked up any of these yet?

*Product sent for review in exchange for my honest opinion.
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