SinfulColors A Class Act Collection Swatches and Review

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SinfulColors is back this fall with a back to school collection! There is something for everyone in this extensive collection with different finishes in a whole array of shades.

I have 9 shades to share with you from this 27 polish collection. I was originally sent 10 but one was a duplicate. Some of these are new shades and others are from the core collection.

Casablanca is a silver frosty metallic. If not for the visible brushstrokes, this would be a true metallic. It dries quickly and only took 2 coats.

Ice Dream is a blue and silver glitter topper. I layered one coat over Casablanca. This one would be a pretty winter polish.

Glass Pink is also a part of the core collection and happens to be one of the first SinfulColors polishes I owned. I did 4 coats for my swatch below but this also can go over just about any other polish in 1 coat and add a beautiful dimensional shimmer.

Pink Break is a demi matte finish, light dusty pink. I waited for a while to make sure this was dried down to the intended finish but it still looks pretty shiny to me. The texture does look a bit rubbery to me though. The formula was nice and smooth, easy to apply.

Over Pink Break, I layered one coat of Sinful Sunrise. This is a sheer topper with iridescent shards and glitters. The shards weren't as obnoxious as other shard polishes I have tried. They lay flat against the nail which I appreciated.

Next up, another demi matte finish polish in a bright lavender shade, Truth or Lavendare. As opposed to Pink Break, this one dried to a more obvious demi matte finish. Easy formula to work with as well.

Over Truth or Lavendare, another iridescent glitter topper in a sheer purple base, Night Owl. Even though the base looks purple, I bet you could layer this over any color and it wouldn't change the shade.

24/7...back in the day this was my very first SinfulColors polish! But the thing that makes me sad is that back then 24/7 was the perfect bright neon pink which was why I gravitated to it. Now, 24/7 is a run of the mill medium pink shade. The formula is pretty great though, so that's good.

And finally, we have one more iridescent glitter topper, Late Night Haute.  I layered this over Zoya Cecelia.

And that's all I've got! It's hard to go wrong with SinfulColors. Most all colors have a great formula and there is a wide range of shades and finishes at an amazing price. This collection should be popping up in Walgreens stores now and will retail for $1.99.

Are you going to be picking up any from the A Class Act collection?

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*Product sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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