China Glaze L8R G8R and Bundle Monster

I'm finally back! Wrapping up school and busy family life have kept me from blogging...which I think I am officially addicted to. ha So today is one of the amazing China Glaze OMGs...L8R G8R. It's one of the 3 coaters of the bunch, but that doesn't matter...just LOOK at it!!

These are taken in artificial light...my town doesn't see real sunlight for probably another month or two. So depressing! 

Here is my design...another Bundle Monster contest idea that I decided against because it's not entirely my original idea. This is our spin on another idea, but I can't remember where I saw it so if anyone knows, tell me so I can credit them! 

This is done with BM plates 6 and 16. Stamped with Konad white. The yellow is stamping polish from Born Pretty Store, which I wouldn't recommend because isn't the best for stamping...it dries before you can actually stamp it. Dustin got all artsy with the butterflies...he did a great job!

This is topped off with Seche Vite...it kinda made the green bleed through the white a little bit. Kinda weird.

Here's the other hand, different color butterflies!

Sorry for the fuzzy picture...but here are Taylee's toes. Zoya Kimmy! She is so hard to catch at the right moment to paint her nails so I was happy it finally worked out!

And finally a quote from my husband: "I put the man in manicure!" HAHA
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  1. I LOVE that butterfly mani and ohmygoodness those painted baby toes may just be the cutest thing I've ever seen!!

  2. I think they are the cutest ever too, but I'm probably a little biased! ;)

  3. Wow, this nail art is awesome!!!!


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