Zoya Bekka

Hello! Today's mani is Bekka from Zoya with fruit designs from Bundle Monster. This was originally going to be my entry for the Bundle Monster contest, but I changed my mind and didn't finish it all up the way Dustin and I were planning. BUT, it renewed my love for Bekka! This totally color reminds me of Mountain Dew! I got this color in the 3 free promo and have only used it once besides now. It was pretty sheer until 4 coats, this time my genius hubby put a white base underneath and we only needed 2 coats. 

The plates used are BM 04 and 05 and stamping polish is Konad White.
This was also my first experience using Seche Vite and I think I'm in love! This mani is sorta half done so it doesn't really shine like it should. But hopefully next time around it will get the glory it deserves! :P

Finally, I joined Pink Wednesdays, thus the new pic at the bottom of my blog. I know it's Wednesday and this mani isn't pink, but I just joined today so I think it's alright. Next week for sure, I think it's a cute idea!
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