Hey Readers!!

Today I am guest posting for Dolores from colorful bottles blog who was kind enough to host me...go check it out HERE!

Also I am on official NO BUY after the Zoya exchange and Bundle Monster plates. Any tips? Because I really need to stick with it this time!!
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  1. I am on a no buy too!! $56 bucks for Zoya and $22 for the plates... I'm on no buy until my feet hit the UK in may! You keep me in check and I'll keep you in check! Lol!!

  2. OMG, I soooo LOVE that spring mani, WOW..I just might have to copy you, LOL. My tip for you would be to stay away from other blogs and anything to do with nail polish, ETC. Cause this is like teasing you with all the pretty beauties that you should not have for right now, LOL. That's how i spend alot of money is seeing a new polish color and having to have it now. Hope that helps =)

  3. Aw thanks...I'm glad you like it! I am the same way when it comes to having to have something NOW! haha I'm teaching myself a lesson in patience!

  4. @Amber- Sounds good...I bet it will be worth the wait so you can pick up some amazing stuff there!!


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