Zoya Rainbow

Well if you lovely readers didn't already know I was obsessed with Zoya, now ya do! This look is done with all Zoya polishes minus the stamping. Sometimes Dustin gets bored and craves an artistic outlet. Since he doesn't have any other projects going on, my nails are his next best option. He was playing around and came up with this idea. Now I know it looks really silly on it's own, but I knew with stamping this would be a one of a kind look!

This is definitely pushing my limit with how loud these are, but I really do love it! And plus I think it was totally genius for Dustin to come up with the rainbow. Even though he is an artist, he still surprises me that he comes up with stuff I love.

So speaking of Zoya, how many of you are taking part in their exchange this week? What colors did you get? 

And just because it's some serious eye candy:
Here is what we used! I chose Konad plate M78 to tone down the crazy rainbow effect, and stamped with Konad White. Polishes: Kimmy, Reva, Rica, Tanzy, Bekka, Apple, Charla, Julieanne, Valerie

Finally, I wanted to show you guys what Dustin is capable of outside of nails. These are some airbrush wall murals he has done for people:

He is so freakin talented!! Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MANI!! So fun and unique!! I am participating in the exchange and can't wait for my first Zoyas!! I'm getting, Mimi, Faye, Crystal, Ivanka, Dannii, Zara, Rica, and Jolene!

    My jaw dropped when I saw those murals. Oh my god... AMAZINGNESS!!!

  2. Good choices! Zoya has such fun colors to choose from!!

  3. Love the colourfull mani!
    Those wall paintings are absolutely beautiful!

  4. Wow, I love your rainbow main, so freaking cool! Also those murals are amazing; that's so cool that your husband can do stuff like that!

  5. Beautiful! I am loving all these great designs. From one Tennessean to another...great manicures!

  6. @You Gotta Hand It To Me- I'm happy to hear from someone from TN! Makes me happy!

  7. Very cool mani & amazing murals! My compliments to you both!


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