Born Pretty Glitter Top Coat Review with China Glaze Trendsetter

Hi! How is everyone today? Good I hope. :)

I have a polish from the China Glaze's Metro collection to show you, but the real star comes later. This is Trendsetter, a mustard yellow/pea green shade with shimmer. I was worried what this would look like on me, but I like it!

And here is the best part...glitter of course! :P This is one coat of a glitter from Born Pretty Store. Unfortunately it has no name, what do you guys think it should be called? I thought this would be a good complement to Trendsetter and it really is! I like this combo a lot.

And here is 2 coats layered over black. I think I prefer the 1st combo a little better. I think this glitter could be a full coverage in 3 coats. I couldn't stop when looking at my nails when I first put this on. I haven't seen a glitter quite like this one before!

What do you think about this no name glitter from Born Pretty? I know I'm a fan! Don't forget to use the 10% off code in my right sidebar if you order from BPS. ;)

*Some polish in this post was sent for review in exchange for my honest opinion,
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  1. I really love the glitter over the first color..not sure I like the color by itself.

  2. I just got this color today and I"m so excited to wear it! It's gross and ugly and I LOVE it!!

  3. Love the glitter, but I'm still not a fan of Trendsetter.

  4. I Love ugly pretty colors! I think this one looks great on your skin tone! I am a warm olive skin tone so I don't think it would look very good on me. That glitter is super fun and I love the combo! I think it should be called something like "Dazzle Party".

  5. The glitter is awesome over that polish! I am so glad I broke down and bought Trendsetter!

  6. This is probably one of the most controversial polishes I have posted! haha


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