Born Pretty Glitter Swatches

Hi! Today is my little girl's first birthday! We had a little party for her, but she had no idea what was going on and was a little freaked out. haha It was fun for me and Dustin though!

I don't have any nail art for you today, but I wanted to show you guys a few more glitters from Born Pretty.  It's always sort of a surprise as to what you'll get when you buy polish online, so hopefully my Born Pretty posts help you out  a little! :)

The first is a glitter with a mostly gold/champagne base with blue and red glitters throughout. I don't think I have seen a glitter like this one before. This is 3 coats, but one coat is perfect for layering.

And the next glitter has holographic silver bar glitter and smaller silver glitters in a clear base. This is one coat over Born Pretty matte pink polish. I know there is a huge divide in the polish world about bar glitters...personally I don't mind them. Out of curiosity for those who don't, why not?

You can find these polishes here and here. Get 10% off your order with code AMBERL73!

That's today's post! Have a good evening! :)

*Products were sent to me for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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  1. Personally, I love bar glitter. I just wish there was a way to get them to go all one way. I'm obsessed with order. xD

  2. I love love love the bar glitter and just bought some. Thank you.

  3. do you know the number on the born pretty site that gold one is? so pretty

  4. @drastic actions- There actually is no number on my bottle, but I did include the link in my post! :)

  5. Really pretty - love bar glitter.

  6. I wish more people would swatch BPS nail polishes. I have been thinking about getting some, but compared to what I can buy here... they are not cheap and I would love to see some swatches beforehand. So thank you for the swatches you did so far!

  7. Very pretty! I must get one soon!


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