Born Pretty Store Dual Ended Nail Art Pens Review

Happy Friday! 

More Born Pretty Store today. These are my first nail art pens like this and the possibilities for them seem endless! There are 24 colors in this set for around $20. There is a striper brush and the top of the lid pops off to reveal a super fine tip that when you squeeze the pen polish comes out.

Here are all the colors included in the set:

Here is the super fine tip part of the pen. For the most part they come out pretty easily, but the glitters kind of take more work.

And here is the striping brush. I noticed that the brushes varied in length throughout the set, but it wasn't too limiting in terms of making designs.

And here are little swatches of the striping brush and the fine tip versions of each color. My hands got a little shaky on some of them! The formula on most of these was super opaque, a few weren't so good. Some formulas work better as striping while others work best using the fine tip. All around though, there is nothing that would keep me from buying these again.

I have included these pens in some of my past Born Pretty manis, but I think these will be a good staple to have for nail art in the future for sure!

You can find this set on Born Pretty's website here. Coupon code AMBERL73 gets you 10% off too!

Have you guys tried these types of nail art pens before?
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  1. These look interesting. They seem like a good deal. Can you post a mani using them? Thanks for the awesome review. I love seeing new stuff.

  2. Wow I really like these colors. I would really benefit from the fine tip art pens because I try free hand it's a mess lol.

    Thanks for the coupon code!

  3. @Patricia- I have posted a few in the past week, but I will definitely be using them more in the future!

  4. Great to have 2 sizes of brushes in 1 bottle. Someone was thinking!


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