Born Pretty Color Changing Polish

Good morning lovely readers! 

It's been a while since I have shown you anything from Born Pretty Store. So if you feel like you've been missing out, there's more to come! :)

This is my first time using a mood/color changing polish. I like the idea of them and think it's a fun way to mix things up a little. The color I am showing you today shifts from lavender to pastel blue depending on the temperature. I used 2 coats. So this is what the polish looks like in cooler temperatures (it was probably in the 20's outside):

In order to get the full effect of the color change, I ran my hand under hot water. You can see the shift beginning to happen: 

And then the full effect:

Cool huh? The reason my hand is still wet in the last two pics is because the color change didn't last very long because the temperature outside the water made it change back really fast. So I had to hurry and snap a few pics! I think the blue shade would show more in the summertime when there is more heat.

Overall, I like this polish a lot and want to try more colors. I would be interested to see what nail art would look like on top of the color change. The formula was kind of thick, but still manageable. You can purchase this item *here* for $7.84. Don't forget Born Pretty has free worldwide shipping! Also, I have a new 10% off code to share with you: AJ10W21.

What are your thoughts on color changing polish?

*This item was sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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  1. I have always thought that the colour changing polishes were for girls with really long nails, but I can see that it works perfectly fine without. Cool. :) And thanks for the code.

  2. I like that this changes from purple to light blue! All the purple color changing polishes I've seen changed into pink. I love that this one's different! :)

  3. Hey that's really neat. I had my nails done once with it and it gave me a weird French tip look because I always have cold hands and the weather was warm. I didn't know where to buy until now. Awesome!

  4. Love those colors!! I'v always been skeptical about color changing polishes (if they really work), thanks for sharing your pics! xo


  5. I sure do like these. Wish they came as a mini set or something!

  6. Free shipping. That's great! I have heard of other brands of mood changing polishes - thanks for showing us this one. I was skeptical. I do recall mood rings in the 70's - they changed but did not always turn shades very attractive.

  7. OMG, I WANT THIS! I've never seen a polish like this in Argentina :(


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