Born Pretty Bullion Beads and Pink Polish

Hey readers! I got really excited for a minute when I thought today was Friday...but then I realized it wasn't. haha One more day. Also, I just started a new workout DVD from Jillian Michaels and I am sore beyond belief. That woman doesn't play around! 

Anyway...I have some more Born Pretty items to show you today. I chose to review some bullion beads because I always love the looks I have seen done with them. However, these take patience and skill! The picture below shows how they arrived...a little mixed up. Which didn't bother me at first, but once you turn the wheel a few times they get really mixed up. Born Pretty also sells these beads in separate jars if you like more organization. You will see what I did with these in just a bit.

For the base color of this mani, I used Dearlee Nail Polish number 08. It's a super girly bubblegum pink creme. I really like how this one looks on me. This is 2 coats. I compared this to OPI's Pink Friday and although they are close, they are not dupes.

Now, I'm not sure I would do the bullion beads like I did in this design again, but I do like the idea of them...you just gotta be steadyhanded with some tweezers. ;)  

I used Sally Hansen Quick Color Pen in Pink Chrome for stamping. The design comes from Born Pretty plate M79. Kinda cute and funky, but not one of my total faves either.

Here is where you can buy the items mentioned in this post from Born Pretty Store:
Bullion Beads- *here*
Nail Polish- *here*
Stamping Plate- *here*

You can also get 10% off using this code: AJ10W21

*Some products from this post were sent for me to review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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  1. Nice! I think I would have tried the pink or purple beads with the pink!

    And never though of using the Quick Color Pens for stamping! I'll have to try that out! Thanks for the idea =)

  2. So that's what those little beads are for! How long did they stay on? :)

  3. They look really cute- bullion beads do need a lot of patience!
    I feel your pain with jillian michaels- I've been doing the 30 day shred and it kills me!! She's one tough lady....

  4. OMG this mani is perfect!!
    I really lovei t!!

  5. This mani is so pretty!! Love the color u used!!


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