Valentine Kisses Nail Art

Hi everyone! I hope yall had a great weekend. I took a break from blogging and got to see my parents and sister in Utah. It was a much needed break that was way too short!

So in the spirit of Valentine's Day tomorrow, I have  another themed nail art look for you today. I have seen TONS of super cute ideas out there for Vday manis...I wish I had more time to replicate them all! ;)

The base for this is China Glaze Sweet Hook, part of the spring Electropop collection. This may not be the most original color out there, but the formula on this is fabulous! I did 2 coats and everything covered and evened out perfectly.

The stamping design comes from the first set of Bundle Monster stamps and I chose various Sally Hansen Chrome pens to stamp with. I can't get enough of stamping with chromes and metallics!

Thank you for reading and see you next time! :)
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  1. oh i LOVE this !!!!! super classy - girlie enough without being too OTT. Perfection :)

  2. So pretty! I love those Sally Hansen pens too they rock! and my friend found mine at the 99 cent store!

  3. AAWWWW so cute! Love it!

  4. YAY Utah! Thats where I am! So glad to know that others know about us out here sometimes!

    I love LOVE l.o.v.e! this look! Way cute! I love how these lips look stamped..they always turn out so cute!

    1. Sweet! I know it feels like everyone else is on the east coast!


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